What are rubber Buffings?

What are rubber Buffings?

Tire Buffings

At Sparton Enterprises, we specialize in recycled rubber buffings and quality EPDM granules. We process millions of pounds of various types of rubber annually.

Rubber buffings or (shredded rubber) are derived from grinding the outer layer of semi-tractor tires in preparation for receiving new tread. These grindings are vacuumed through a special process and trucked to us. We then systematically sort these buffings into various sizes. Dried and packaged, these tire buffings are used in multiple applications including; pour-in-place playgrounds, running tracks, walkways, ergonomic mats, and more.

We provide sizes ranging from 2" pieces to 30 mesh dust sized particles. Tire (tyre) Buffings are utilized as a shock absorption layer underneath pour-in-place applications. Our packaged buffings are available in sizes ranging from 50 lb. bags, 1000 lb. bulk bags to 2000 lb. super sacks.

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